Understanding Your Romantic Partner- Transparency Sessions

In the age of social media, working from home and dating apps, it can be difficult to find a quality person to settle down with. Once you do find the person you believe to be Mr. or Mrs. Right, it can be challenging to know if you should move to the next stage in your relationship or keeps your options open. Many people find that the person they’ve decided to commit his or her life too, vanishes soon after the honeymoon period and they are left with regret and confusion about how they missed the red flags that are now so evident in their dear spouse.

Unfortunately, most people do more research and put more effort into choosing a job or hairstyle or buying a house or car than they put into picking a husband or a wife. Well, it is time for that to change because the person you choose to spend your life with will impact your physical and emotional health, your career, your geographical location, your parenting (or lack thereof), your faith, your finances, and, really, everything from the moment you say, “I do”. For this reason, it is vital to take an in-depth analysis of yourself and the person with whom you are deciding to spend the rest of your life. Maybe you say, “It’s too late for me. I’ve already chosen a sour apple.” I am here to say, it is not too late. At any moment you can decide to take a leap of faith with your spouse and get serious about knowing and understand your partner. Deciding to begin Transparency Sessions is an easy way to start the process of getting to know your significant other in a deeper and more meaningful way in an emotionally safe environment with the guidance of a licensed professional therapist. Each of the ten (10) Transparency Sessions will focus in depth on one of the following topics:

1) Childhood and Family of Origin
2) Genetics and Physical Health Considerations
3) Academic and Career Goals
4) Financial History, Expectations, and Goals
5) Faith and Religion
6) Past Romantic Relationships and Sexual History
7) Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing
8) Kids and Parenting
9) Future Dreams and Aspirations
10) Gender and Role Expectations

Though anxiety provoking, do not avoid this do to fear of what you might find out about your partner or what you may expose about yourself. With two open and willing people, most issues can be worked through, solutions can be found, and healing can take place. You have a real opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner in a whole new way and make a wise and logical decision (rather than a mostly emotional choice) with regard to your romantic partner. Please don’t be one of the many married and/or divorced people saying, “I didn’t think about that”, “I didn’t think that was important enough to talk about”, “No one taught me how to pick a partner”, or “I never imagined that would affect me in this way”. Don’t wait. Begin your Transparency Sessions today!