Career Counseling

Are you a student who is having trouble deciding which educational path to take? Has the transition from college to full time work been more challenging that you expected? Do you dread going to work each morning? Did you “follow your passion” but now find yourself feeling unfulfilled and frustrated? Are you wondering if changing careers is the right move for you? Has your workplace turned into a hostile environment? Do you cope with your current job by regularly searching

To experience a fully happy life, it’s important to have a career that you enjoy. A recent study concluded that over 50% of Americans are dissatisfied (if not downright unhappy) with their work. This dissatisfaction can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression. This unhappiness can also bleed over into your personal life, negatively impacting the relationships you have with friends and loved ones.

Career counseling can help you choose or completely change a career at any stage in your life. Embarking on a new career, though exciting, can also be incredibly stressful, and most people find they could use some help navigating the journey.

In a career counseling session, you and your therapist may discuss:

  • Your particular skills or talents to determine which career may align best
  • Higher educational requirements and opportunities
  • Potential earnings of various careers
  • Daily working environments
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Improvement of assertive communication skills

If you “followed your passion” but ended up in a career that no longer suits you, career counseling can help you figure out which direction to go next. If you’re interested in exploring career counseling, please reach out so we can schedule an appointment and get you back on the right track.

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